The  WESTSAVE are Western Blot Detection Reagents that emphasizes high-sensitivity signal, safety, and user convenience.

 The WESTSAVE Series includes the WESTSAVE up product, which can optimize signal sensitivity by adjusting the amount of B solution by the user, the WESTSAVE Gold product , which is the most common product with Familiar packaging (1:1 mix ratio) , the WESTSAVE Star capable of broad range detection , and the WESTSAVE Series.

 It consists of WESTSAVE Femto products with the highest sensitivity . Product sensitivity order (low < high) WESTSAVE Gold = WESTSAVE up < WESTSAVE Femto < WESTSAVE Star * WESTSAVE Gold *WESTSAVE SAVEup *WESTSAVE STAR *WESTSAVE Femto

LF-QC0101 Abfrontier WESTSAVE Up ECL

LF-QC0102 Abfrontier WESTSAVE Up ECL - Double pack

LF-QC0103 Abfrontier WESTSAVE Gold ECL

LF-QC0106 Abfrontier WESTSAVE STAR - ECL

LF-QC0109 Abfrontier WESTSAVE Femto - ECL